Must Microsoft be Stopped?

This video thinks so:

Microsoft Must Be Stopped

Microsoft Must Be Stopped | OFFIC Announcement | 12K Subs

A culmination video of what I have brought to light concerning Microsoft and their underhanded way of trying to eliminate the possibility of using Linux on newer hardware. Also I am announcing the formation of OFFIC( Organization For Fairness In Computing) it is at the ground floor and I hope to receive support from my community. And last but definitely not least a thank you to my community for reaching 12K subs. Let me know what you think of the video below in the comments.

You know … hm, to be honest I’m by now just too tired for a new civil war or to rage a hopeless war against the Microsoft/Apple/Google megalomaniac corporations. Also this shit won’t touch me since I’m a Linux user. And so can you. 😉

Not only can you but you should! And again I see that all the readers of this blog already know my stance on Microsoft’s criminally insane methods and you also know that I’ve shown you the bestestererest alternative countless times already.

Now it’s up to you to become an awesome – FREE – human being … or not. 😐

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