I Forced Myself to Use Linux For 30 Days (Linux Challenge)

Okay, Windows is certifiably the worstest of the available computer operating systems (MacOS, BSD, GNU/Linux, Chrome OS) but the way this guy describes Windows’ fuckup isn’t really possible, or is it? No, I guess he geeked out and abused his poor Windows for shit it was never made for.

Still a hopefully interesting video for you ladies who are on the fence …

I’ve been wanting to try daily driving Linux for quite a while now, so I finally did, and it went “as expected”.

00:00 Been having issues with Windows
1:00 I should reinstall Windows
1:33 Went shopping
2:14 Editing software adventure
2:54 Avoiding Adobe
3:25 Issues with modern software
3:55 Appreciating FOSS
4:45 Choosing a Linux distro
5:15 Can I run DaVinci Resolve on Linux?
6:30 Install successful
7:00 Linux challenges
7:50 Starting customization
8:20 Counter-Strike: Source
8:45 Noita
9:15 OSRS & Gunfire Reborn
9:55 My BIGGEST ISSUE with Linux
11:45 Trying out KDE
12:15 More research on the laggyness
13:00 Trying out Kdenlive
13:30 installing DaVinci Resolve
14:00 I’m trying Ubuntu instead
14:30 Still not 165hz
15:30 I’m still concerned
16:20 I’m not surprised at issues
16:55 Linux isn’t just an OS
17:25 Unfortunate consequences of defensiveness
17:55 My concern daily driving Linux
18:25 Appreciating Linux!
19:25 Conclusion
20:07 Outro

Hmmm, again his probs with Linux seem to be home made, as he is obviously a gamer boy, playing with his Linux setup and really trying his best to break it. 😐 What do you say, ladies?

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