No Updates – No Problem

You know how people always get antsy when Arch Linux wants to update your system. Coz when you wait too long at some point in time the update can’t get it right no more and just fux up. But today I ran an update on my lappy toppy, a machine I hadn’t started for over a month or so. Fortunately that laptop, just like my production desktop, runs on wannabe-Arch Manjaro and so everything went well, without any hiccups.

Completely updated, incl. the latest Kernel 5.19.1-3. Restarted and … null problemo!


  1. ๐Ÿ™‚ Lucky you!

    If it was Arch Linux you would have had to do a manual intervention because there would have been lots of broken packages to fix.

    I believe that you can get away with not updating Manjaro for over a month because of its 2 weeks update cycle.

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