Linux Mint 21 – Cinnamon – Extensions – Desklets & Applets.

\o/ YAY! \o/ Another helpful Thor video about your fave Linux system. You’re slowly becoming a pro (-ductive, -ficient, -sperous) user of Linux Mint now, right?

Best viewed on Large Screen & Volume up. How to Tips on extensions, deklets & applets for linux mint 21 cinnamon desktop.
Pffff ...

And this one for good measures:

PS: Yes, I know Themes is plural and doesn’t need an idiot’s apostrophe. Please complain to Thor and leave me alone.


        • “Linux is complicated for me.”
          How so? Ever tried it? Experience tells us that particularly untechy peeps (kids, teenage grrls, wimmin, ancestors) can get results faster and easier than with Windows/MacOS.

          And Linux is not at all hitec, just the opposite. Where Windows refuses to install on machines older than 1 year, you can install various Linux distributions even on stone-old 32-bit PCs. Every laptop you obtained in the last couple years is fair game and a valid install base.
          Have that old lappy too weak and slow for Windows that you use as a doorstop or collecting dust in the attic? Put Linux Mint on it and it can still serve as a valuable member of your machine park. No costs, no risk.


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