1. Global cooling ‘n warming are natural occurrences…after all, Earth is a living planet. ‘My ancient ancestors melted the first two Ice Ages but were not responsible for the rest.

    Egotistical Progressives/Socialists/Communists/Fascists/Nazis blame mere humans for causing “Global Warming” (actually called Anthropogenic Global Warming), and they claim to be able to save the Earth (snicker-snort). Mother Earth could pass a tad of gas ‘n wipe out the entire human race in minutes, but egotistical Progressives/Socialists/Communists/Fascists/Nazis basically claim they are more powerful than Mother Nature and are therefore capable of saving Earth (snicker-snort).

    Anthropogenic Global Warming is the actual hoax…and is just another massive power grab attempt by the Progressive/Socialist/Communist/Fascist/Nazi Governments.

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    • “Global Warming is the actual hoax”

      I believe I said so.
      Yes, a short period of rising temperatures is mostly a sign for a looming ice age. That’s what some geology freak told me once … and completely free of any reactionary American bollocktics. I can’t say if it’s natural or manmade or not but we better prepare for more droughts, freak storms, floodings, all the shit.
      Because Global Warming is true.

      I only know you don’t wanna live at sea level and so close to the ocean as Orca does. 😮 Oooopsy. 😦


  2. Humans can’t even stop a simple Tsunami, and some actually ‘tHiNk’ they can stop naturally occurring Global warming & cooling!?

    Top Three Biggest Hoaxes in Human History: 1) Abrahamic Religions. 2) Anthropogenic Global Warming. 3) Covid-19 Pandemic. Honorable mention: All of ‘Paper Bear’ Putin’s reasons for his unprovoked invasion of the sovereign nation Ukraine.

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    • And what are we doing with this worthwile info? How are we supposed to react, to adapt to the new climate? Hello politicians and – much more interesting – industrialists, tell us you got some nifty solutions cooked up in your laboratories, science labs and development departments. Please, pretty pleeez.


      • You’re part of the Progressive/Socialist/Communist/Fascist/Nazi Governments that believe humans are more powerful than Mother Earth, so you tell me. First, let’s see if y’all Super Humans can stop one of those “simple Tsunami” I mentioned earlier. Here’s a tip – y’all can’t.

        BTW, do y’all release how much “extreme heat + drought” that Mother Earth generated in order to melt each Ice Age?

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        • “You’re part of the Progressive/Socialist/Communist/Fascist/Nazi Governments”
          Wrong. I’m part of the international socialist movement since I care about human and workers’ rights and am staunchly antifascist. I don’t subscribe to any of your other categories.

          “that believe humans are more powerful than Mother Earth”
          No I don’t believe such nonsense. As a former sailor and surfer I know that we must live with, not against, the forces of nature. Not fighting them but adapting. I’m only calling for all gov’mts to come up with a set of solutions for survival of the human race in the increasingly freakish weather.

          “so you tell me.”
          Nope again. When and where did I ever claim we puny humans could do such things?


          • Once again…you are in the process of being herded into the position of a Top Cheerleader for another one of the Progressive/Socialist/Communist/Fascist/Nazi promoted Hoaxes. The first time was during their promoting the Covid-19 Pandemic Hoax…

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            • Huh? Cheerleaders aren’t to be herded, usually it’s them who do the herding.

              And Covid-19 was no hoax. At least not in the beginning. I took the threat seriously as every adult human being should do. As soon as I found out some pharma superduper capitalsts made a huge profit from the pandemic with untested, non-permitted vaccines, and the waves getting weaker and weaker, I changed the tone of my column from seriously concerned about Corona to seriously critical of big pharma, govts and the WHO.

              No, not The Who, they are innocent.


              • See what humble me means? You don’t even realize that you are being herded by the ‘Cowboys’ (i.e. Progressive/Socialist/Communist/Fascist/Nazi Govts). What are the ‘Cheerleaders’ (lead cows) doing? They are directing the ‘Fans in Stadium’ (main cow herd) to go in the direction that the ‘Cowboys’ (i.e. Progressive/Socialist/Communist/Fascist/Nazi Govts) tell them to go.

                Covid-19 was an obvious hoax right from the start; however, you were too busy following the ‘Cowboys’ (i.e. Progressive/Socialist/Communist/Fascist/Nazi Govts) orders, e.g., a mere “Whoopie Ti Yi Yo git along little dogies” and you started moving in the direction they wanted.

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                • “Covid-19 was an obvious hoax right from the start”
                  Nope. Covid-19 was real and in the beginning a real threat. As soon as the 3rd wave kicked in however, it all became just silly hysteria and political and capitalist profit-making shit.

                  “you were too busy following the ‘Cowboys’”
                  Nope again. I was too busy trying to find good info, which is rare and blend out all the politician’s voices. And as you might remember I cheerleading the massses of my readers very early in the game into never-ever-vote-again rebels.


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