5 Mistakes Every Linux User Makes

Hmmm … let’s see what mistakes your editrix made:

Today I talk about mistakes that all Linux users probably make at some point when switching to Linux.
  1. Yes. But I don’t consider it a mistake. I think the PC must work for me, not me for him. And he must work right out of the box if possible at all.
  2. I did two large jumps, one from Ubuntu (Mint) to Arch (Manjaro), and then in Arch I swapped various distros but I don’t call those real hops, they were more like escapes.
  3. Me <– guilty!
  4. Nope! I only install stuff I really need.
  5. Nope again! I do follow the update path religiously and am never sloppy, like ever! ^.^

How ’bout you, my amazing little wonders? You erratic or were you born cool?

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