Sparky Linux Bullseye Release

No, I don’t like Debian based Linux distros. Not for myself. I see how useful and robust they are and, trust me, if I was a sysadmin or had a server farm any Debian distro would be my choice. But I’m neither of these geeky things but just a spoiled brat using my own computers strictly for myself so you’ll find me on to-die-for Arch Linuxy OSes like Manjaro and Endeavour.

Alas that’s not the topic at hand but the bestest Debian distro, imho, Sparky have just released a new version. Tom made a video about it:

Today we look at SparkyLinux and the changes they have made since we last looked at it. The distro has come a long way to end user friendliness and comes with excellent lightweight tools for system management.

#SparkyLinux #debian #linux

Now I feel I shouldn’t be so lazy but install and test Sparky. See if it’s as good as they say. 😐

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