Second Life University – How to Update your Avatar’s Body with Ebody Reborn Female Mesh Body

Second Life University is a project that aims to teach people all about the vast virtual world of Second Life. Watch Resident Boston Blaisdale as he shows you how to update your avatar’s body using the Ebody Reborn Female Mesh Body.

Update your avatar with a new mesh body or head:…

Topics covered in this video:
0:00 – Intro
0:52 – Search and Teleport to the Ebody store:
1:20 – Try a DEMO before purchasing
1:30 – Camming around to see other avatar’s style
1:53 – Look out for fantasy and non-human avatar videos coming later
2:05 – Removing clothing from current outfit on system avatar using worn tab
2:25 – Add a separate mesh head
2:42 – Watch LeLutka Female Mesh Head video –
2:50 – Unpack Reborn body from Objects folder and go through folder
3:00 – Add body parts – always remember to “Add” rather than “Wear”
3:11 – Ebody Reborn body is already BOM by default
3:18 – Add the HUD from the folder and maximize it
3:35 – Try on body skins and neck blends
4:00 – Try out the shapes the body comes with and then edit and make your own
4:32 – Try out third-party skins that are made for the Ebody Reborn
5:08 – Watch “How to Modify Your Avatar’s Skin” for more skin tips –
5:18 – Familiarize yourself with the Ebody HUD
5:27 – Use Materials sliders in the HUD to add shine and glossiness to the skin
5:53 – Adjust the tint of the skin tone
6:35 – Ebody has various add-ons for squishy boobs and thighs
7:04 – Ebody has a Reborn monthly shopping event where third-party creators are invited to sell items for this body:…
7:14 – Use the Alpha tab to hide body parts 7:40 – Use the Pose tab to try hand animations
8:10 – Adjust nail in the nails tab
8:35 – Adjust your feet angle in the pose tab
8:53 – Fix your broken ankles by using Ankle Lock in the Pose tab
9:11 – See Reborn FAQ on the Ebody website:…
9:24 – Find more Mesh Body and Head creators at this link:…

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