Linux Mint 21 – Cinnamon – Upgrade or Fresh Install, tips for new users.

Whoa! Bestest Linux + tipps for n00bs! What more could you wish for?

Sheeeeeet! But by now you know the drill, dontcha? Zacly, watch directly on YouTube.

This is almost as good as my multi-part installation instructions from a few years ago. And Thor is a very thorough explainificator. Particularly for the big stumbling block for most newbs, creation of a bootable installl media on USB-stick. It is all explainified in this video.

Now you really don’t have an excuse for still using Windows. Not anymore. No, you don’t! Shut up! 🙂

PS: Thor even dedicates a few minutes to Mint’s own home brewed magical ad-hoc network Warpinator. All sorts of cool. =^.^=

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