GNU/Linux Philosophy

Quite some time has passed since I harassed you with Linux shit, so I guess it’s just fair to have a little palaver right now. I mean we’ve all congregated so cozily around the campfire, so why not sawing on your nerves for a little bit?

I know there’s quite a percentage of you interested in all things FOSS and GNU/Linux, the rest of you can shut up. Ok?

Lemme show you what’s hot in Linux right now:

In the Top 25 you find everything you need, and much more. You know I’m such a radical, my top list could easily be reduced to 2 distros, me personally only need and use 1. But unfortunately have people varying tastes, and the geeks of the Linux community are also easily bored and have poor impulse control, so I show the Top 25.

And what do we see in that list? The Top 5 distros are showing a downwards trend. Even Mint, which just released a new version a couple days ago is going down. The pretty new and much loved Fedora is neutral and below Fedora we see mostly down arrows again until we stumble upon Linux Lite on rank #12, which also just released a new version afaik. Doesn’t matter, Lite, like Fedora, is one of those alltime great and beloved distros which are going nowhere.

The only other upwards trending distro is Alma, which is based on Red Hat, but like Fedora, non-commercial.

Soooo, Linux is slowly dying or wot?

Naaw, the DistroWatch ranking isn’t based on download numbers but only on clicks on the websites of a certain distro. And as you know some distros are rolling releases, which means we only download the ISO file once, install it and then just receive updates until our computer breaks or we delete that distro from our hardware. And since Arch is such a huge hit among Linux users, and Arch is rolling, we see stagnating numbers for all Arch-based distros. Similar also appears for all Debian-based distros. So, Linux as a whole is healthy and growing, as more and more people see its advantages over Windows or MacOS.

There is not much movement in the chart, which also doesn’t mean something bad but just that the whole Linux landscape is consolidating and maturing. All the distros inside the Top 25 should be installable and usable for everybody without any problems. There are not as many breathtakingly exciting new developments made as in the early 2000s. So more and more people are finding their perfect fit much quicker than a few years ago.

Enough Desktop Environments and Installers are so mature and easily handled, new users don’t see as much need for distrohopping as a handful years ago.

It’s all very positive! Ok, most old users won’t admit it but, know what, we young and sexy bishies just ignore their blah blah!

Am I right or amiright?


  1. Hi Muse…didn’t you just make that same post last month!?!

    Anyway – Do the math 😉 :

    DistroWatch may be the most popular Linux website around and those “Top 25” Distros can only muster up about 22,405 page hits per day for 6-months – TOTAL!

    Know how many Windows 11 computers were sold last month? Here’s a hint – A lot more than just 22,405 a day!

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    • “Hi Muse”
      Careful, my friend. A muse is a finnicky mistress!

      “didn’t you just make that same post last month!?!”
      Nope. Something in the same realm maybe, yes.

      “Distros can only muster up about 22,405 page hits per day for 6-months – TOTAL!”
      That’s a lot. Particularly for a sidekick OS you won’t find in any store and as good as never pre-installed on hardware.

      “Know how many Windows 11 computers were sold last month?”
      No. It’s utterly insignificant as I don’t deal with Windows. And the last 6 PCs I bought came empty or with preinstalled Linux.

      Aaaand anyways, the post wasn’t a comparison of marketshares. I got my machines on Linux, what do I care what other people use? This was a completely Linux internal report about how the distributions are spread out and why there’s not as much movement anymore as there used to be at the start of the new millenium. Maturity and saturation. That’s what I wanted to bring to mind.

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  2. Silly girl, humble hermits don’t have mistresses. “finnicky” Muses, sure.

    Particularly for a sidekick OS’ – “sidekick” is an excellent word to describe Linux! That is why you are my favorite Muse. I’ve been using ‘Companion’ OS for a long time (as in for Windows), but will have to start bringing ‘Sidekick’ OS into it…certainly a natural fit.

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