More Sparky Linux

Ok. video first:

Sparky Linux Is Debian With Non-GNOME Desktops

Sparky Linux is a Debian-based Linux distro that offers 4 different desktop editions (LXQt, MATE, Xfce, KDE) in 2 different branches (stable and semi-rolling). Sparky includes some custom apps that are quite interesting as well.


I will be honest with you: I don’t like the Debian/Ubuntu family of Linux distros too much. Nothing against it technically, it’s just not my thing. But if I had to choose and there were no amazing Arch Linux distros available I’d be on Debian. 100%!!!

And of all the many Debian-based Linuxes my choice would be Sparky. Not MX, not LMDE, not any other. Sparky meets my taste in the best way: I can have it with my fave desktop, Mate, and it’s not full to the brim with bloat and luxuries but sparsely equipped. Which means I have to install all the shit I want and need by myself. So I’ll end up with my personally customized version.

Sparky is made in Poland, and it actually fits the eastern block theme, as it appears to me like an agricultural machine, a trusty tractor, the workhorse of Linux distros. 😉

Super duper!

PS: Derek is not completely correct in his assessment: Sparky comes indeed with a GNOME desktop. Mate is actually a forward engineered GNOME2.

A quick look at Sparky linux 7 openbox [Recommended!]

Sparky linux 7 is a debian distribution. It is minimal lightweight but can be full featured by using a desktop environment of your choice.

Download link:…

I absolutely hate OpenBox and all those Window Managers. They are not awesome for girls.

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