Linux Mint 20.3 – Cinnamon Desktops on Different Linux Distributions

Wassup everybody?

Thor’s made a new video.

This one about Mint’s standard desktop, Cinnamon. And since Cinnamon is the bestest version of Gnome you can get, this reverse-engineered Gnome 3 desktop by the miracle workers of the Mint distribution, it fits you like a glove right outta the box (unlike Orca’s fave, the forward engineered Gnome 2, Mate, which needs some amount of customization before it becomes good).

But as you know Mint ain’t the only Linux coming with Cinnamon. Orca’s used it before on various Arch- and Debian-based distros already, and in this video Thor gives us an overview over all the Linux distros that are equipped with Cin.

You know it, right? Klikka this link and watchy the vid directly on the YouToobz.

And why should you care about Cinnamon? I guess most of you dears are adventurous ladies but no geeks, tho, right? And didn’t I mention Cin fits like the proverbial glove? That’s what makes Gnome/Cinnamon so userfriendly and important. Living in a new operating system is confusing enough, so at least a well-known desktop paradigm does help a big deal while getting used to a and new unfamiliar filesystem and apps.

Likewise if and when your curiosity makes you switch from the Minty goodness to Manjaro, other Arches and or Debian/*buntus or whatever. That’s one of the cool things about Linux in general. You can run a multitude of various distributions but never have to change the way you operate them.

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