I Knew It!

At least I had a hunch. South Africa ain’t a real country. It’s just a coulisse, all just staged, all just makebelief. Need proof? Here:

See that? Not even the taxis are real here.

Fortunately are the South Africans too stupid to notice, so it kinda works almost like a real country. And if i doesn’t …

  • shots fired
  • women screaming
  • men go to cemetary/jail
  • all goes back to normal

Life’s never boring around these parts. =^.^=


  1. I keep mentally laughing at an “influencer” I met who bragged that they took a “Yellow Ride” to an event. It’s just the new marketing campaign of Yellow Cab, the overpriced company that caused Uber & Lyft to be born.

    I wonder if shared Uber/Lyft is back now that the cdc has said we can stop with special precautions. I’ll have to check that out! Solo was expensive!

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    • I still call a taxi at the rare occasions I need a ride. Let them be more expensive but at least they are more flexible, I can tell the driver to wait an hour while I do the shopping or meeting, and I can change my mind during the ride. Pay the taxi driver extra and keep him as my personal chauffeur for the whole day. Can’t do that with an Uber. They exploit their drivers and don’t allow any waiting times.
      Uber = capitalist pigs
      Taxi = good socialists


      • I don’t know how much of that you could do here. If I got a taxi to wait, they still charge during the wait and it’s a LOT. The last time I took a taxi, more than 10yrs ago, a roughly 18 mile ride without traffic was $55 before tip. A solo Lyft would be about $30 now. Pre covid, ubet & lyfts were easier to catch than taxis. In fact, most taxi drivers did uber or lyft after their shift.

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        • Not for the whole day, bur the other day I had a taxi waiting outside the store like 10 minutes for me and then had him drive me to my mech’s shop where I had him waiting another 5 minutes. He didn’t charge for either but I gave him a huge tip.

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      • In your area, can you simply go putside and flag down a taxi (like shown in NewYork) or do you have to call/schedule? Here, it’s call/sched. There are somw queued at airports but not really anywhere else.

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        • You never see any free roaming taxis here, must make apt by phone. And it’s mostly a service for well off white bishes and tourists. I’m neither nor but for the 2 or 3 times I needed a taxi in the past 20 years I choose this comfy option.

          Normal saffas ride in mini taxis, which are toyota minibuses. They drive routes, like public busses and stop at certain points. I wouldn’t know how to find one that goes to some destination where I wanna go. Not trying to be a racist here but I would really be lost and getting lost … and prolly robbed, too. 😮

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            • Mhm. Quite infamous all over Africa these things. Used as ersatz for public transport. Toyota builds them locally here in a Durban suburb. Jhb and Cpt now have official busses but they don’t entirely have such an expanded network of routes and don’t go anywhere. So the city built official taxi ranks in the last couple years and lifted the taxi mafia onto a semi-official status. Still I see the official bus stop at our local township vandalized and burned very often. 😦



                • I guess they are more expensive and don’t go anywhere the people need to be. But mostly it’s the various taxi gangs infiltrating local political groups and agitating the people to become vandals during protest marches. And a bus terminal is an easy target for molotov cocktails, it doesn’t run away and has lots of glass to smash. 😮

                  So every time the natives start an unrest, you see bus stops burning. The taxi ranks otoh are mostly used for shootouts between rival gangs. I don’t like to use any public transportation but rather call a cab. 🙂

                  Call me an elitist bish, at least I’m alive and healthy.


                  • That’s all wild to learn! “Taxi gangs”…

                    No judgement, since I live within the declared territory of the “Insane Crips” (as in Crips vs Bloods). And the Longos 13, a mexican gang. Fortunately, local activity is usually little more than tagging – but I’m careful not to offend people.

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                    • Fortunately, like most of the crime in general, those turf wars are exclusively fought out between the taxi gangs, mostly coloured and black gentlemen, and don’t even come close to any areas where I use to treat. We only read about it in the local paper and find out that the loud bangs we heard from direction of the taxi rank were indeed gang related.


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