Morning my frens

You know how your editrix ain’t a fan of Debian/Ubuntu flavoured Linux distros even if some of the alltime greatest sprang from that family of desirable, usefull but boring Linuxes. For example MX, Ubuntu itself, Mint, Pop … and Sparky. Sparky is so humble and quiet and does its job without calling for your attention all the time. Its #23 rank is a good sign for the lack of appreciation this Polish distro receives.

Soooo, if I don’t gave it much heed and the attention it deserves, doesn’t mean it’s not good enough. It’s just not what stuntgirl Orca needs.

Anyhoo, they just released a new version:

Sparky sits proud, but underappreciated, on #23 of the DW charts. That’s not where it belongs. Sparky should armwrestle against MX, Mint and Pop for a space up on the distro pantheon.

Why am I telling you this? Because I love you guys! 🙂 Ok, here’s the deal: I recommend Sparky for you if you …

  • are not a total n00b anymore
  • don’t need many bells and whistles
  • don’t wanna spend much any time on maintenance
  • need a stable workhorse
  • don’t feel the need to brag about your distro
  • wanna switch your PC on … and never off again

And, as always, if you’re tryin’ it out, please make many screenshots, do a little writeup about your impressions, ask me for blog credentials and I’ll set you up. Or just send me what you have, I’ll do an interview with you and publish the hole shebang. Ok?

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