Second Life University Livestream – Governance Tips with Keira and Tommy Linden

Okeeee, this sounds boring. But please, if you’re so inclined go ahead and watch this session:

Second Life University is a project that aims to teach people all about the vast virtual world of Second Life. In this video, Second Life’s Support Operations Manager Keira Linden, and Support Operations Supervisor Tommy Linden will share some Governance tips for staying safe and enjoying your Second Life, as well as keeping your account secure.

Topics covered in this show:
0:00 – Intro
0:47 – Keira’s introduction, she’s been at the Lab for about 10 years
1:18 – Tommy’s introduction, he’s been at the Lab for over 10 years
2:07 – How to get assistance through the support portal –
3:47 – How to file an abuse report –…
5:14 – Include conversations in the Abuse Report by opening the chat window to include in the image
5:30 – What happens after you file an abuse report
6:07 – How the Governance team handles an abuse report, while you’re waiting you can block the abuser –…
6:51 – Every abuse report is investigated
7:06 – How to appeal an abuse report that was filed against you
7:52 – If your account is on hold and you are not able to login to the support portal to file a ticket, file a guest ticket using this link:…
8:49 – How to keep your account safe –…
10:30 – Changes to the Second Life Community Forums –
12:47 – If your content is stolen it is a Legal matter and you need to file a DMCA, info here:…

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