Top Five Distros in 2022 | Why These Ones?

You heard read me philosophizing about the Top 5 of the DistroWatch charts often enough. Now brother Tom of Switched to Linux YouTube channel dedicated a video to those Top 5 and explains a bit about each of ’em and why he uses exactly those distros in his own setup and for different tasks.

A very good and reasonable talk that may help you taking the right decision when you’re gonna install your first Linux … as you planned to do a bit later today, right?


And now, after you’ve seen it, and got the expert’s opinion, here’s now the definitive recommendation for first-time users: Start with Mint, switch to LMDE a bit later. And stay there. And be happy everafter!

Or, if you’re feeling fancy and adventurous, switch to Manjaro. It is the bestest Linux (yes, I know, shut the fucque up!), gives you a lot of the luxuries of Mint plus it’s more bleeding edge for the bragger who lives rent-free inside of everyone of us.

Puny, flawed, petty humans, right? What can we do?

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