The Bad Mood Post

Hey you sexy wonders!

How was your day so far? Trust me, it will get worse. 😦

Whom do those Americans hate more? Russia, or rather the Ukraine?
You know who also loved to throw imaginary armies into lost battles?
Business as usual.
Sooooo … they help themselves?
No, really? What a surprise! 😮
That’s why we trust Twittertwats more than our tax-funded, gov-owned propaganda outlets
4 mths in the special military operation … and you find that out now???
Didn’t life in America not go on during Korea, Vietnam, Nicaragua, Serbia, Afghanistan, Syria, Ukraine? So what did you expect from Russia? Everybody ducking under their dinner tables?
WarMonitor with the Ukro flag seems to fit exactly the description of ‘special type of dumbass’.
Good. We really didn’t know what else to do with that money.
You know me as Zelensky!
Those Russkies are soo fukn stoopid, they don’t even notice that they bombed themselves and lost the war. And they still don’t even believe they are at war with the mighty Ukraine and … accidentally win it. 😮

Okay, we’ve all suffered enough by now, don’t you think? So here, have a puppy:

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