Non-Stop Diary: Day 864


Are they serious?

Are they fukkin’ serious???

I don’t even know what part of this news snippet I find more outrageous: That ladies play cricket now or that Covid-19 infected persons enter a stadium to play sportsball with a lot of innocent and unsuspecting victims around her. Shows what degree of seriousness our authorities grant to the most deadly pandemic that fucked up the whole planet in the last 2.5 years.

Millions of people lost their lives, their jobs, whole national economies collapsed, everybody’s human rights have been decimated … and a freshly infected sports star wins some or the other championship trophy or sumphn. 😮

Guys. I really don’t … I can’t even …

I’m outta here


    • Yes, it is, isn’t it? I remember when we were new to South Africa we watched the rugby. That was exciting. “A game for hooligans, played by gentlemen” and all that stuff. But after a while we prefered cricket. There is just so much more of finesse and complexity in that game.

      By now we don’t have a TV anymore, gave it away like at least 10 years ago, and I don’t watch any sports anymore, and hubby only what he can get on the interwebz.

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