It Just Won’t Stop

Told ya Linux Mint is a fave of the unwashed masses and here is another review. This one by our pristine middle school science teacher, Mr. Barnatt:

Linux Mint 21 review, covering what’s new in the latest edition of this popular distro, including how to upgrade from version 20.3 (see last chapter of the video).

Linux Mint 21 can be downloaded from:

CORRECTION: Note that in the “Muffin” section, where I refer to “Megacity” it should be “Metacity”. My appologies.

Below are links to my previous reviews of Linux Mint 19 and 20. Note that the Linux Mint 19 video includes detailed installation instructions (which still apply for Linux Mint 21).

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00:00 Introduction
00:36 Hello Vanessa (getting Linux Mint 21)
02:37 What’s New?
09:33 Muffin (display manager update)
12:10 Ubuntu Deviations
13:53 MATE & Xfce
15:29 A Solid Upgrade (inc 20.3 upgrade tool)

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