Am I the Only One

… who gets a blurry volume control? This is Manjaro/Mate, and I have no idea if other distros will show the same symptom, and I’m honestly much too lazy to investigate. I only know it’s the same on my laptop – with the same system installed – as well.

So let me ask you guys, Lucy, Becca, Trap, Neil, Karmi, Renard, how does your Mate DE show the volume setting? Do other desktops maybe suffer the same or are you guys cool af?


    • No, but Gnome is a problem in itself, no?

      I dunno, a desktop in development since, liike, the late stone age, and stemming from a proud and oh so usefull ancestor, learning slowly, vewwy vewwy sloooowly about what users want from a desktop environment, and adapting even slower and giving us functionality other DEs are using since 20 years already? Not my fave enviro to live in.

      And let’s not forget it’s resource hungry like a bad Windows version. Why didn’t they just look at Mint’s Cinnamon? Clem’s guys made the best out of the Gnome 3 basis.


      • πŸ€” Yes, it does. A small window opens up showing the volume level and it also gives the user the option to exceed 100%.

        PulseAudio also has an equalizer that you can use to adjust the quality of the audio.

        So, yes, it sounds better.

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        • Cool! Thx for the hint, Renard. I was always too lazy to activate Pulse, believed the soundchip sounds as good as it gets, won’t change with a different software. Obvsly I was wrong.

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