Resuscitated Corona Diary: Day 861

Just when you said Pheew, happy to have heard the last about the shitty ex-pandemic, a new dangerous mutation pops up. 😮 And you read about it in a completely unrelated media outfit:

Ok, looks like for now it’s only in the States … which doesn’t say much in today’s connected world. BA.5 might just now be touching down at your local airport. 😮

But then I read that Dr. Fauci is alarming his fellow Americans they must get vaccinated. Knowing the state of Fauci’s credibility the whole story comes crumbling down. Not?

Anyway, I’ll just keep on like I did in the last almost 3 years (!!!) and do my best not to get infected. While also trying to slip through any govt’s dragnet and escape Phizer’s DNA-enriched shitsoup.

Call me paranoid, I’m rather glad I haven’t binned my masks yet.


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