*UPDATE* I Have the Bestest

EDIT: Hubby told me, naaw, is not FF fault but WordPress! Do they really wanna get rid of their – paying – clientèle so urgently???

… hubby in the whole world!

Lemme show you how and why:

\o/ YAY! \o/

See that? Yeah, I can write in my own blog again! Cause of the problem of the last couple days was neither my hardware, nor was it Manjaro. Problems were caused by Firefox 103!

You know fuxn Mozilla Foundation is in urgent need of money, so they don’t like me turning of all the stupid cookies. 😦 I didn’t know that and, as always, turned off cookies and rendered Firefox and many apps useless. Hubby knew that and in no time had me set up correctly again. You know we use a add-on that won’t get rid of all the cookies but makes us blind to them. We don’t see them, we don’t get pestered by them.

I know it’s not the politically correct socialist way of handling these things and please, if you know a Firefox clone with the same userfriendlyness but free of cookies, please let me know.

For now I’m living with the compromise. 😦 And y’all know how uncompromising I am. 😐

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