Andor | Official Trailer | Disney+

Cassian Andor. You know the guy who died a hero in Rogue One. Not a cuddly character but a battle hardened rebel fighter. And since Rogue One, despite weaknesses and a troubled production, was arguably the best Star Wars we’ve ever seen, I’m really looking forward to this new D+ series.

Watch the new trailer for #Andor, a Star Wars original series, streaming only on Disney+. Experience the three-episode premiere September 21.

Just watched the trailer. This looks very promising, rather mature, political drama, lots of action. May it be Disney Star Wars have learned a thing or two and maybe planned and wrote this series thoroughly? For adult audiences, the people who grew up with Star Wars, the people who can afford a D+ subscription, toys, comics and action figures.

Who had the stupid idea that Star Wars was ever made for toddlers?

Have Disney developed a brain and sound business sense?

Will Andor save the failing franchise?

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