Linux Sucks 2022 – “This time it’s personal.”

Yes, I know, I know! I’ve had this announced already on July 9th. Old news. Boo! Orca, stoopit beach! 😦

But just a couple hours ago Linux court jester Bryan Lunduke uploaded his 2022 talk on YouTube, where it’s the most accessible for everybody.

Watch every single Linux Sucks video, in order:…

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inux Sucks 2022 was first published to The Lunduke Journal several months ago. Lunduke very rarely posts to YouTube. This is a rarity. Be sure to go to to get daily content.

So if you’ve already devoured this year’s Linux Sucks, don’t bother. If you haven’t seen it yet, now’s the time! It’s, like every year, a positive experience.

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