A Message to All EU Residents

You know … ugh, it hurts me to say but really, you should get out of that rapidly sinking ship! Don’t like Russia? Neither do I. Africa? Latin America? Too many shitholes. So go elsewhere. About 80% of the world is free for you to go. EU passport is still strong, so use it to get ya visa while it’s still possible! Soon, very soon, citizens of the USA/EU bubble will become pariahs and unwanted asylum seekers. :/

They win all the wars since they underestimate the importance of a good defense strategy.

CanAm Hippies in Morocco.

In all earnesty, I’m having a hard time finding the ultimate destination. In Africa I can only recommend enchanting hippie paradise Morocco in the North, Namibia, Botswana and South Africa in the South. The rest is shitholes.

SA’s most freeky.

I have no experience with Latin America but Brazil, Argentina, Peru are civilized countries, and there is the little Belize, a small country that’s more akin to a holiday resort, and where people speak English. Would be our destination on that side of the pond.

He is not just an Brazilian idol!!!

Australia maybe? You kiddin’? The whole continent is out to kill ya! 😮 Better move to New Zealand.

Oz’ greatest?

Closer to home I always thought my fave neighbours, Denmark and the Netherlands would make nice retirement homes. But after the recent global developments they went crazy and will go down with the rest. 😦

Bestest Danish band ever!

Not Dutchieland’s greatest hour. 😮

Expected Golden Earring to make up for the last video, didn’t you? Well … no. 😐

Scandinavia (Denmark, Sweden, Norway) and Finland? Too much ice and snow in the too long winters, too many mosquitos in summer. And anyway, they are either EU and/or NATO/USA minions and will slip down with the lot. 😦

xpected an ABBA or Roxette video, didn’t you?

They are a Danish, Norge and German band. Fomerly cool, now døømed countries.

Finns are funny …

… right until they kill themselves. Or get killed. Or invent LINUX!!!

Austria? Too many mountains and hateful people.

Austrians without kangaroos.

Switzerland? You are very welcome … if you have the moolah. Not much tho, a couple million €uros should get you a nice little 2 bedroom apartment. :/

Rich Swiss boiz.

Portugal maybe? Cheap land, and much space when you get away from the coast. But they are firmly integrated in the EU, so they will suffer hard as well.

Old Portuguese.

So there is the UK and Ireland. Hmm, we love britpop don’t we? But apart from that it’s a big fat NOPE!

Betterer Britpop!!!
Expected the Cranberries’ Zombie, didn’t ya?

China? Apart from the cultural/language barrier it’s just too many people in the south and nothing in the north. Other than that you’ll be in the heart of the #1 global leader/winner!

Masses of well-drilled Chinese party members.

Japan? Cool, ultra cool! But you’re gonna stick out like a sour thumb aaaaand … that country is fuxn slowly killing itself. Also America’s bitch = doomed! 😦

Can’t be more Japanese if they tried. 😉

So you see, you’re running out of options. 😮

The happy coloured countries? Get outta there!!!

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