WordPress is Kaputt! :o

This is a call for help at all my fellow WP bloggers!

Look at this screenshot and then pleez tell me …

… why doesn’t that reader thing open anymore? You know when you klik on the Notification Bell and it shows you all the stuff going on in your followed blogs. Cool way to keep up with what’s hot right now.

But since a week or two this function doesn’t function anymore. All I get is a circling circle. 😦

Now my kwestjon: Do you experience the same or is everything in order at your bloggo? And if you have/had a similar/same problem, what did you do to remedy it?

Renard, you are the WP pro around here, do you have an idea?


    • Hi Lucy darling. Glad to see it’s working for you. But what can I do to make it working again for me as well? If WordPress would be a normal program I’d just reinstall it … but this shit is online, so nothing I can do on my side or is it?
      Maybe Manjaro is to blame or my ISP?
      Oh oh oh … got an idea. Will try something out with my other machines.

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    • “clearing the cache”

      Sorry for stupid question but I can’t find anything in Firefox menu to clear the cache. How do I do that?


      • πŸ™‚ To clear the cache in Firefox, you will need to select “Settings” and after that, select “Privacy & Security”; you will be presented with “Cookies and Site Data”; click “Clear Data”.The “Clear” tab will appear.

        I hope that works for you, Orca.

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        • Oh man! 😦

          Always the same. After clearing the cache and re-entering my name and pword the page looks wonky. After browser restart I’m not registered anymore.


          • πŸ€” I would like to suggest using another browser for the time being.

            Since you have more than one computer, did you try to log into your WordPress account on them using Firefox?


            • Yes, of course. I tried it on my laptop, using LMDE and Firefox and everything was fine.
              And no, I won’t ever use anything but Firefox. This, and its predecessor Netscape is my browser since 1996. It never gave me any problems. Maybe something is wrong with my Manjaro?


              • πŸ€” Now, it is hard to say if it is a Manjaro issue or not.

                Anyway, Firefox is working well on the Linux Mint Debian Edition; it simply means that there is nothing wrong with your WordPress account.

                It looks as though you will have to do a fresh install of Manjaro or return to EndeavourOS.


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