Créme White and Sky Blue

… is Oubaas’ colour scheme, as everyone knows.

And on one panel it somehow looks much better than on all the other panels. No wonder, this was done by an old Afrikaaner, not by a horde of lazy Africans. So, 1 of 8 panels is kinda done, 7 more, and radiator grille/bonnet, barn door in the back, plus the roof still to go.

We’ll get there …


  1. Another one of your infamous Racist statements…no wonder Julius Malema is upset wid you Racist whites in South Africa.


    • “Another one of your infamous Racist statements”

      Another? When did I ever? And also, had you been treated as badly as I’ve been treated by those aholes you’d talk differently. That was a clear scam operation, he was lying, hiding his mistakes, making fun about stupid white women all the time. Really abusive.

      You know, when we first arrived here on Afrtican shores, in 97, we were all ubuntu and kumbaya n stuff and it took us quite a while and some heavy heavy disappointments and losing lots of money to turn from tourists into racists.

      Most people only need 2 weeks for that awakening, with hubby and me it took nearly 20 years.


    • Good reasoning, very smart reasoning. You are absolutely right! Your last argument, I mean … wow! You beat me. Here, take all my money, take over my blog as well …


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