Okayyy … Boiz ‘n’ Grrlz

Let’s see what’s going in Clown World just about right nownow:

I wish someone had warned me.

Don’t forget to devour the commentaries. As always on Twit they are golden!

First you don’t accept China as a sovereign country … and now you go Ooopsy! You fukn serious?

When you can’t even trust your own govt. 😐

Let’s not forget it was Germany which, on orders – and to the US’s benefit – from Washington, stopped Nordstream2. And now they are complaining to Moscow about not receiving enough gas? Can we please have some adults to reign over us?

Poor Russia, all alone in the world. 😦

They wish we’d leave them alone! But no, we have to crouch ever closer and poke the sleeping bear in his cave. 😐 And now … Oooopsy! 😮

I can’t even begin to count what’s wrong with this piece of quality journalism …
They meant to say “and their civilian hostages” I assume.
Ever heard of “war of attrition”, NYT? And since when is hiding and ducking called unyielding resistance”?

One question if I may: If my position is right and Russia’s is wrong, why am I so eager trying to suppress any controversial opinions and reports, why do I resort to fascist means and lies and bullying my own people and voters while “defending democracy”? Riddle me that, Batman!

Last days of a first lady. With her army of photo models.
Her eyes are screaming “Get me outta here!” but Zele’s holding her in his firm grip so there’s no escape. Is he planning an Eva Braun exit for his wife?

Listen up people: It hurts me to say, and I know hubby and me will be suffering, too, financially. But otoh it’s a joy to witness The West dismantling themselves, innit? Cry all you want, the chess pieces are in position, the finals match has begun. And we (West) started with a very weak, not thoroughly planned, opening. And since the first move we only get weaker and expose our weaknesses day by fuxn day! And we lie and we manipulate and we bully and try to wiggle free like the trapped poisenous snakes we are. 😦


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