Linux Mint 21 – XFCE | Why Use XFCE?

Good question, Tom. A question I’m asking myself quite often. Maybe we get an answer from Tom’s new video.

Today we are going to look at the beta for Linux Mint 21 XFCE and talk about why we might want to use XFCE as a Desktop Environment.

#linux #linuxmint #xfce

I used Mint/Xfce in my first two weeks on Linux, which was maybe the reason why I didn’t succeed until my Guruine told me I should use Mate instead. And of course Manjaro instead of Mint but that’s another topic. 🙂


    • Hey Sammie!
      Long time, girlfriend. Long time. You still happy as a clam in belle France? Or did they kick ya @$$ out after Brexit? Anyhoo, how did you get to the Miata topic? She had nuffink to do with my Linux journey. My Linux Guruine is/was the supergeeky and charming Jean Horten. Dunno if she’s still busy in SL.

      Oh what’s on Sunday? Some sportsball match?


      • Ohhhhh saw her inworld i’m a fully paid up froggy now not a national but right to reside for life and yea i just picked the last post as the easiest way to bug you sunday read the STERN Spiegel or online publication of your choice ignore my spill chocker Orcsy hugs

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        • “saw her inworld”
          Whom, Miata or my Jeannie?

          Cool about being a froggy now. We’ve got the same Permanent Resident status in SA. Feels so very good. Just in case Europe goes down in flames we’re already safe and sound in soft pillows. 😉

          Spiegel has become soso soo bad now, they deteriorated into a govt propaganda mouthpiece. We don’t read it no more. They also hide most important articles behind a paywall. And Stern is more like light entertainment, which we don’t consume anyway. So I still have no clue what’s supposed to go down on Sunday.


          • Just asked hubby about Sunday and he came up the grrlz football finals. Worldcup or Euro or sumfink. Right?


  1. sammie didn’t miata say hello after her miraculous return from terminal cancer lol she’s such a fraud xx says:

    trust your hubby or me for sports news

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    • “sammie didn’t miata say hello after her miraculous return from terminal cancer lol she’s such a fraud xx”

      Love your new name, Sammie. 🙂

      But yes, the nerve of that woman! The audacity. That’s so 2022, people became totally shameless and lost all common sense. Maiti might not have cancer but she is undoubtedly sick, mentally ill.

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