Whoa! :o

Very very slow.

OMG!, we just suffered a period of veryvery spotty interwebz konnektivity. 😦

All is good now but in the last couple hours it was like …

Speedy but still …

No idea if it was again a Portuguese fisherman destroying the cable by accident. But that couldn’t be the reason since we still had connectivity. Just slow and spotty.

… YT took a long time to come up with a half-rendered page.

And on the site of our ISP I found out Jo’burg node was 100% active. It was only in CPT where things were bad. Obvsly some intern played with all the knobs in the server room or sumfink. 😦

But videos didn’t play. 😦

Indeed.This looks to me like a man-made desaster:

Kaapstad is for sure the prettier and funnier city but also the more stupid one. 😦

So much for secure fibre internet. 😐

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