Don’t Fear LMDE!

In case you were a little on edge about Linux Mint Debian Edition’s look and feel, security, stability and, most of all, operation, watch this video and rest assured. The differences to Mint’s mainline editions are minimal and mostly positive in favour of LMDE.

Time to check in with the latest edition of LMDE before version 21 of the main version Linux Mint releases – what do you miss? And does this distro deserve more of the spotlight?

0:00 History of LMDE
1:23 Cinnamon lags behind
2:53 Installer and drivers more technical
4:20 Mint tools present and correct
5:12 Outdated kernel
6:45 Same included software
7:35 Resource usage
8:11 Distro upgrades
9:27 Outdated packages…
11:00 …but Flatpak
11:52 Conclusions

So, in conclusion I guess we can say LMDE is the same awesome but more mature than Ubu-Mint.


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