Awesome Overkill!

Title: Demon Of The Lute 六指琴魔
Year: 1983
Director: Lung Yi-sheng 龍逸昇
Casts: Hui Ying-hung 惠英紅, Chin Siu-ho 錢小豪, Pai Piao 白彪, Kuo Chue 郭追

Although every martial arts movie director was involved in the scripting of their films — and there were some legendary collaborations (such as Chu Yuan with novelist Ku Lung, or Ni Kuang with virtually everyone) — you could count the “Scenario and Directed By” credit on one hand. Save one of those fingers for Lung Yi-sheng, who made two memorable Shaw movies starring Hui Ying-hung, the lovely and lethal discovery of legendary director Liu Chia-liang. This is the first — a beautiful fight fantasy of lute demons, magical arrows, bottomless abysses, an arduous quest, hermaphrodites, a villain named “Red-Haired Evil,” and a mischievous knight named “Old Naughty.” It’s little wonder Lung also directed, since another director might inadvertently deflate this delicate confection. But thanks to the writer/director’s skill and a grand cast, this unique production delighted audiences across Asia.

This defies all definitions and quality assertions. Silly, deep, meaningful, or meaning fu? Who knows, hu knows?

Watching the trailer already got me in a state.

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