This is Why!

The typical problem:

That’s hard. 😦

Why we love Manjaro:

That’s heaven.

Hassle-free installation of disgustingly offensive Nvidia drivers with only one or two mouseykliks! I guess EndeavourOS has something similar now, too. Anyhoo, both being Arch-based distros, doesn’t that make the feared ultratekky Arch more user frenly than, say, Ubuntu and such normie shit?

That, or just saying goodbye to Nvidia and switching to AMD Radeon-powered cards. Their drivers are integrated in the Linux kernel.

Jus’ sayin’


  1. 🤔 The biggest irony of all is that Nvidia plays well with Ubuntu; which is something that I cannot say with vanilla Arch Linux.

    I will admit, that Manjaro has made it easier for people to get their particular brand of Linux installed on their hardware.

    Also, I would not make fun of anyone for using Ubuntu, because they are using Linux (As a matter of fact, it is much better than using Microsoft Windows).

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    • Ooookayyyyyyy… Imma guuna try not to poke fun at the poor Ubuntu users *snicker, they are awesome peepelz *gigglesnort.

      Yes, Arch in itself is remarkably neutral about Nvidia. As long as Nvidia refused to open their drivers, and Linus couldn’t include it in the kernel they didn’t care. Arch wasn’t against Nvidia, it didn’t stand in the way of users who wanted to install it but it traditionally was a RTFM affair for geeks.

      That’s why I never use the grandfather base distros, neither Arch nor Debian/Ubuntu. Thank you Manjaro, MX and Mint for making it all accessible for little Orcsi. What can I say, I’m a spoiled brat.

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