Tom Installs Linux Mint 21

In a virtual box, so you know when you install it for real on your hardware the procedure will even be a bit easier.

Today we look at Linux Mint 21, which is due for final release shortly. This features an updated and unified Cinnamon version, Timeshift as an XApp, and more features to make the core of Linux Mint run more smoothly.

#linux #linuxmint #cinnamon

Did you listen? You don’t need to install right away, your 20.3 release will be supported up to 2025. But you may install the BETA even now, since the Mint team works so flawlessly the beta is perfect and can be trusted. So do as you fukn fancy, it’s all good. Just enjoy the freedom!


  1. πŸ™‚ The Linux Mint Team has a high track record of releasing buttery smooth beta versions of Linux Mint (Unfortunately, I cannot say the same thing about Ubuntu).

    Thank you for keeping your viewers updated on the goings on of Linux Mint.

    May you have a wonderful day, Orca.

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    • “keeping your viewers updated on the goings on of Linux Mint.”

      It’s the least I can do, propagating Mint as the bestest n00bie and alround distro, and trying to convert the whole TSB! readership over to Linux. I guess everybody who’s already on Mint does know about new releases but unfortuntely there still seem to be some misfits who use Windows, MacOS, ChromeOS or similar stupid shit. And for them I give these notifications that now, right now, is the time to make the big switcheroo.

      Imagine, starting out with Linux on a version that wasn’t even, officially released yet. πŸ™‚

      Happened to me when I first switched to Manjaro: It was still some beta 0.83 release or something. πŸ˜‰ Yes, noob housewive me with not even 2 weeks of experience with Linux and no clue about shit, I was a beta tester and zero hour user of a radically new user friendly Arch-y distro! \o/ YAY me! \o/

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    • That! +1,000

      That is the freedom we’re talking about when it comes to Linux. Install what you want, test everything, nibble here, take a bite from there. You tell me you don’t switch your PCs on very often; so I guess something like LMDE5 is perfect for your case. Debian is like the VW Beetle, never changes and just runs and runs and runs and…


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