Drop Diary: Day 846

Good morning my people

You see I really don’t know what to say … or think about this latest number. Yesterday our health minister himself went into self-quarantine, and one hears about soaring cases all around the world, and politicians thinking about stronger restrictions n stuff again … and then today we get this statistic from a group I’ve never heard about before.

84% drop in Covid-19 admissions. What to make of it? How many cases were there before and how many was the 84%, and in what time frame did it happen?

“The data confirms our experience that both of the more recent Omicron waves caused disease of lesser severity than the earlier waves,” said Life Healthcare’s chief medical officer for South Africa, Dr Louis Kathan.

Aha, ok. That’s some very good news, no? But is it really newsworthy? Case numbers are dropping, symptoms are less severe and hospital, times shorter. We knew that already, didn’t we? That’s the reason for why all lockdown and national catastrophe restrictions have been taken back and we’re back to normal by now.

And still, each morning when I dilligently open the IOL site I find some or the other Covid-19m news. That fuxn virus not gonna die! 😦

And neither do we, ok? Well, you can throw yourself under a bus or get eaten by a tiger or raped by Ukrainan nazis, but you and I, we not be deaded by Covid-19! Okay?


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