If I Hadn’t

… too many computers already, this NUC would be right up my alley:

The MinisForum I5 and I7 comes with Intel i5 and i7 processors (go figure) and is all sorts of great. If you, contrary to me, are in the market for a nifty, strong, new machine, even with discreet Nvidia GPUs on board, to put many many Linux distros on – and why wouldn’t you? – these MinisForum machines aren’t the worst choice. Oh, and btw, they will work predictably cool with Windows as well.

But why would you do that? Didn’t I prove to you, time and again, that Windows is crapola and that the real kool kidz do their computering on Linux? Get it now and get a MinisForum I5 for entering the brave new world.

This is yummy!

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