Eli Brown’s Club Arcane in Second Life

Fortunately I’m out of the clubbing age. The music nowadays is just too ugly. 😐

Experience Club Arcane in Second Life – Get Started at https://second.life/elibrown

Club Arcane is a new interactive project in Second Life that literally puts listeners “inside” an all-new metaverse music video. The elaborate experience, which is set to an exclusive mashup mix of Brown’s “Killer,” “Trouble,” and “Send Help” singles takes participants through a musical “dark ride” adventure filled with ominous alleys, dancing bots, and a neon-lit nightclub bursting with hidden surprises at every turn.

Follow Eli Brown:


Learn more: https://second.life/eli-brown

#EliBrown #SecondLife #Metaverse

Video production: Vrutega

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