Dropping Cases Diary: Day844

Goeie More united peepelz of Afrika … and other corners of the world

Since quite some time, today I found a Covid-19 related headline. A somehow needless and nonsensical headline for various well-known reasons:

Oh! Wot!

See, sometimes it’s good to read informative articles carefully. When I first stumbled over this headline I thought WTF, Covid is dead in South Africa. We got rid of all restrictions, so why are they writing about dropping case numbers now?

Of course they meant the whole fuxn continent, which is full of shithole countries. 😦

South Africa ain’t one of those! Ok? Here, I guess they don’t even register Covd-19 cases anymore since the numbers don’t qualify for any statistic.

And so far hubby and me have survived without vaccine and without being harassed for not being vaccinated. I hope we can get away with our anti-social behaviour. Just read that in Germany death numbers in vaccinated kidz below 12 are unnaturally high (shriek!) but we hope no airline will block us from flying with them if and when the time for our Germany business trip arrives.

Secretly we still hope the social health insurance are gonna change their policies and will be happy with hubby reporting online or on the phone. They were so during the lockdown, so maybe they will continue the good practice. But you know, Germans and bureaucracy … :/

So, again let’s hope this was the last entry into my Covid-19 diary.

Cya laterz


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