Ukraine is Boring

The Russians have everything under control and will finish their special military operation without the West’s help. No problem, no fear.

So let’s rather look at the many ways the West will resist Putin up to the last German …

Buncha drama queens. 😐
History indeed ain’t a teacher.
Annalenchen is not only a fraud but an international disgrace. 😦
Dirty against Putin! That’ll teach him!
Evil is who evil does.
Symbolic sanctions will surely bring Russia to its knees. For sure! =^.^=
Oh yes, time is on Ukraine’s side. Mhm. 😉


  1. Karmi is still showing on the “Love Letters to Ed” sidebar…after 3 days!!?!!?!!! You should write a post on ‘how to destroy the comment section on your WP blog‘ … 😉

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    • I have no influence over that section. It’s WP managed. And why wouldn’t you not be on it after 3 days. Karmi only disappears once enough new fanposters are up to push him out.


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