A Delightful Computer?

I gotta second Bryan Lunduke in this one and say “Yes, please!”

Gaze your eyes on this brick:

There is the slab-like form factor which has a certain appeal for me, and also the fact that it is a Linux machine. I was particularly intrigued by the 4 (fuxn four!) USB ports on that thing. Makes it usefullerer than your typical MacBook from a few years ago. Too bad Lunduke didn’t elaborate on the type of Linux the Popcorn slab comes with but, hehe, doesn’t the Manjaro family have some desktop versions for ARM devices? So even if we don’t like the pre-installed OS, we can always switch to the bestest Linux!

Pre-orders are closed for now but maybe it’s better to wait for some product reviews anyway before purchasing one. 😐

But what is it good for, you ask. Well, it’s perfect for all the many cases in which even an ultrabook is too bulky and a cellphone is just too phoney, if you know what I mean. We old people need something with a biggish screen and a real keyboard when we’re typing The Novel of the 21st Century while sailing down the Mekong river delta or sitting hunched over our drink in a central American dive bar after midnight, or fighting a rude sandstorm in the middle of the Namib desert.

So, my dearios, if you’re still undecided about what to get your Editrix for xmas … πŸ˜‰

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