UltraOrc is Back on Manjaro

EndeavourOS was a nice little excursion but in the end too geeky and labour intense for spoiled me. So this morning I switched back to the very good and complete – and n00bie frenly – Manjaro Gotta state it again: Manjo is the Mint of the Arch world! It is that good.

Anyhoo, here is how I fared:

Step 1: Download the ISO from https://manjaro.org/download/ and flash it on a USB stick.
Step 23: Put stick in lappy, install.
Step 87: Installation almost finished.
Step 101: Initial Update is a must!
Step 105: Swap US English for UK English. Yes, I am that petty!
Step 137: Install YAY, Neofetch and add the latest and greatest Linux Kernel 5.18.10-1, get rid of older one.
Final step: You done! Enjoy your own awesomeness! =^.^=

In fact the whole process, incl. customizing and installation of some fave apps, took me roundabout half an hour; not longer. And now UltraOrc is back on the bestest allround Linux OS.

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