This is Just too Much 70s Hardcore!

CHiPs “Roller Disco” – The most Seventies scene in 1970s TV

Ponch and Jon hit the roller disco in this incredible scene from ‘CHiPs’ in 1979. Every TV celebrity of the era is in here, from Tina Louise to Cindy Williams.
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I remember when they aired the trashy CHiPs show in German TV I was kinda very young but I already knew then and there that America is … ugh … well, we can’t undo it anymore, can we? Same as none of us can ever unsee this scene. 😮

Of all the stars I only recognized George Peppard. And I wouldn’t have him recognized back then neither. Never watched Breakfast at Tiffany’s, and the A-Team was still way off in the future. Same trash as CHiPs btw. All the other celebs pfff. 😐

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