Karmi and Me are of the Same Opinion!

It’s a rare occasion but it can and does happen from time to time.


Now this is so crazy and nonsensical it could’ve only been done by manic Germans with their unfortunate tendency for useless overengineering. Like most computer users I have my main machine at home, beefy and strong and made for hard work. And for mobile use I bring a laptop, like Karmi and like you, probably, too. The smaller and lighter, the better. These things are made to be stuffed into our backpacks and slingbacks or even purses, not to break speed records or to edit the next big Marvel blockbuster on.

Typical laptop use case: Airport.

And while the laptop manufacturers are busy packing ever more power and stamina into ever smaller and flatter cases, those German fuktards of Tuxedo Computers counteractively paired a small and nimble Clevo case with an unwieldy watercooler. 😮

That makes kinda absolutely zero sense! 😐

Typical laptop use case: Bistro.

With that bulk of gear and the steep pricetag I rather take my desktop machine and screen on the road with me. Mobile working is impossible with that thing anyway and if I have to wait till I’m save and sound in my hotel room, I can unpack and assemble my home setup as well. No?

Typical laptop use case: Hotel room.

With just my light lappy I can send emails and photos and blog and surf the web. And I can do it in an airport lounge and even use it on the plane.

This is how the woman of today travels with her lappy. No space and no patience for watercooling bullshit.


  1. Well said, my Dear Muse! Yeah, I believe I can move the ‘Antec Jr.‘ main Linux test computer wid its Antec Sonata Proto case (AKA “shark-tank” by you 😉 ), unbolt the 24″ monitor from its Fleximounts Gas Spring Desk Monitor Arm Adjustable Monitor Mount, bolt same monitor to its original stand, and set it back up (across the room) before that Tuxedo contraption can be undressed & dressed. Like you said, for true mobility you need a laptop to be just a “light lappy.”

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    • Have you ever seen what all the YouTubers schlepp around for that computer fair in Vegas? Of course lots of lappies but also heavy editing riggs, multi-monitor setups, networking stuffz. Because they know you need the right tool, for the task.

      And that new Tuxedo thingy is not the right tool for any task. You can’t unpack it quickly for a video conference from Starbucks and it is still not powerful enough for a real heavy workload.

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    • Zacly! If I don’t travel, wth do I need a laptop for? I will never get the weird discrepancy between tasks and the tools people use for them.

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