Peppermint OS 2022 Review – Lightweight Linux ep. 1

Remember my last post about Peppermint’s switch from Ubuntu to Debian? Yes, you do, it happened just yesterday. And today we already get the second YouTube review:

We’re taking a look at Peppermint OS since they have made the move from Ubuntu LTS to Debian Bullseye.
0:00 Bare essential info
1:45 Not quite an Xfce desktop
2:54 ICE ’em
3:19 Resource usage (Debian v Ubuntu)
4:49 Installer footprint (Calamares)
6:10 Peppermint Hub
8:28 Concluding thoughts

BTW, welcome back IG. He’s back on the Toobz since a few weeks. His wife gave him permission to play with Linux? 😉


    • The signs are on the walls since quite a while, aren’t they? Ubuntu is slowly losing ground and importance on the private desktop front. And slowly, very slowly, even the most hardcore Ubu radicals are accepting that other distros offer much more good stuff and that grandfather Debian is everything Ubuntu is … and more.

      Have a good one, Renard.

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