BA.2.75 Diary: Day 836

NO! Nononononoooooo… Stop that shit now!

Fuk the WHO!

I can’t believe it anymore. They are just making a huge production out of nothing, right? Blowing shit up way out of proportion. Please tell me the WHO isn’t serious and just fukking around for shit and giggles. Pleez. BA.2.4 was harmless, right, and BA.2.5 even harmlesserer. So what could BA.2.75 possibly have in store for us?

And, noticed the wording? “Possible … subvariant, unofficially referred to as BA.2.75”. WTF? So they don’t even know if there actually is an subvariant in existence? PHUK Dat!!!

I mean, okay, I haven’t got rid of my masks yet, so I can jump right back into action when and if the SA govt gives us new regulations n stuff. But it wouldn’t be nice, and the completely healthy 99.999% of the population, well, I guess it would be difficult to impossible to get them all back to adhering to the safety protocols.

Come on guys, it’s fuxn winter here at the Cape, everybody sniffles and coughs anyway, a Covid infection would go unnoticed by most infected patients. The last personal account I’ve heard was a YouTuber, who didn’t feel so well for about 5 days. A bit under the weather. And that was a confirmed Covid-19 infection. So what’s the problem here?

Let’s face it: Phizer and all the other Big Pharma conglomerates had spiking profits and melked the Covid cow up to the last drop. They even vaxxed the completely unbothered <6 y/o kidz. They made off with the money like thieves. Don’t you think it’s enough now?

You people are still all ok I hope. Plz let your fellow bloggies know how the situation is in your neck off the woods. Panicked govt, full hospitals, dead people everywhere … or is everything relaxed and living is easy again?



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