Bought Some Land

Roadside 1.536 m² in Athabasca on the oldold contionent of Sansara.

Will probably asphalt my parcel and make a parking lot from it. My garage building is rather huge, there is hardly enough space left over for an additional onsen building. :/ Doesn’t matter, Sansara has the longest road network on the grid, so this will be my nest for vehicles. We’ll reek of exhaust fumes and engine oil, not of onsen water from now on.

As always with Orcland, I’ll add a public rez spot, so you’ll be able to rez a car or a bike and start large continental tours from here. Maybe Imma gonna put out a free vehicle rezzer. Cool?


  1. Oh Very Kewl! It looks quiet there! I’m a bit annoyed with my land (rather my surroundings) at the moment I’ve owned my parcel for over 6 years (I’m not giving it up to move), it was nice spot & because I didn’t have many neighbors. Suddenly I login and there were highrise buildings & clubs to my left and in front of my land ruining my view sadly. Now I have to spend time in the premium sandboxes shooting my blog photos. The LAG id horrible on my land! They have several animesh people & waterfalls and such that cause a lot of lag. I’m hoping they will move soon since in the past I noticed people come and go quickly. (I pray) LOL Such is second life! I enjoy reading your blog SL & RL tidbits my friend! Hugz

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    • Yeah, for old Sansara and roadside it’s kinda quiet and the price was more than ok. Parcels with water access are crazy expensive on Sansara. But I don’t sail anymore, and don’t need a dock. So roadside is what I want. I see your problem, wouldn’t like skyscrapers in my ‘hood neither. Or airports or low hanging skyplats. I didn’t look around my new hood thoroughly yet but it seems only sparsely populated.

      Thx for liking my little bloggo. It started as a pure SL Sailing blog but is by now more of a private GNU/Linux and RL blog. Even though I can’t even be bothered to get my mesh stuff right, I marvel at your fashion shots every day. Really enjoying it. When you say you take your photos in a sandbox, have you ever tried Backdrop City or whathename? I hear it’s used by many people.

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      • The premium sandbox is nice and quiet, no lag and I have tons of backdrops and sometimes I have to rezz decor that creators game me to blog and I like making my own scenes. Also i see from a few YT vlogs there’s drama at backdrop city that’s one thing I stay far far far away from LOL I’m sure you know what I mean 😛 luv ya! Thankies for the suggestion tho I appreciate it!

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    • Ya, it’s nice there:

      The huge LCC sign is Kitten’s Yorkshire Land on the Little East River, Sea of Fables to the south-west. Dunno where the water comes from tho, should all be out of drawing distance.


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