Oh Oubaas :(

This morning on the way to the gym Oubaas became kinda unmanoeuvreable. Fukn fanbelt broke = no powersteering. 😦 So I lumped that old utility vehicle down to the workshop.
But no problem, mech was open and his little helper bought a new belt and fixed it quickly.

How did y’all spend your Saturday mornings? I hope with more fun stuff than I did.


    • Wasn’t a big drama. I could drive to the workshop under own steam, and replacing one belt took kinda 5 minutes. Okay, actually more than 1 hour since my mech’s helper had to run to the parts store 3 times since he was too lazy or stupid to take the old ripped one as sample, and brought back the wrong sizes twice.

      Sometimes you really gotta wonder how black brains work.


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