Linux Sucks 2022

“This time it’s personal.”

Bryan Lunduke sets his 2022 talk free into the wide, wild open for us to rape, abuse and devour it:

The full, unedited recording of Linux Sucks 2022!
This show is made free thanks to the support of the subscribers to The Lunduke Journal.
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“Linux Sucks 2022” is now free for all to watch!“Lunduke’s enthusiasm is infectious!”, “I laughed so many times”Bryan LundukeJul 8Back in May, the 2022 edition of “Linux Sucks” — the latest installment of the “Linux Sucks” series which has been watched millions of times — was recorded live. Exclusively for the subscribers of The Lunduke Journal.Since that day, only Lunduke Journal subscribers have been able to enjoy Linux Sucks 2022 (along with every single Linux Sucks show ever recorded).Well. Starting today, Linux Sucks 2022 is free for everyone to watch and enjoy — no subscription necessary!

Klikker this link to watch.

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