The Empire Narrative

… backfires! 😮

They were not supposed to speak the truth. :/
Shock! Who could have known that not all people are stupid?
Blinken not only incompetent and evil but also a coward!
The whole Western house of lies comes crumbling down.
And they are all political professionals who get paid huge salaries for their expert nationleading.
Netherlands, Boris, who’s next?
Oh, right! Yes, Europe’s powerhouse Number One, fuxn Germany. 😮
As a German I feel compelled to report Olaf to the police for High Treason. 😐
Doesn’t just look like, we truly and completely are f#cked!

Even worse, we Germans have f#cked ourselves. 😦

… not on my behalf tho, thankyouverymuch. 😐

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