Linux is Boring. :/

Naw, it’s fukn not! Linux is amazeballs!!! Shut up, Karmi and MNSKY. πŸ˜‰ What I meant is more the (completely stupid) DistroWatch charts of top hits. No change in the Top 5 configuration since a very loooong time.


See, the usual suspects are all there, firmly consolidated in their comfy seats, like immovable pieces of furniture. I call that boring. And re-assuring. And calming. 3 Debian-based and 2 Arch-based distros, the best and most logical allocation possible. Ultra stable Debian for the pros, Arch for the fanciful consumers.

There is no need for anything else.

Red Hat, SuSE, whatever other bases … ok, play with them, experiment with them but do your homework on Debian, and your Second Life playing, blogs and video piracy hobby on Arch.

I’m very happy with the Top 5, as they contain 2.5 of my favourite distros. Proves I decided correctly and chose the right side already after 2 weeks on Linux. 9 fuxn years ago.

\o/ YAY me! \o/

Off to the gym now. Cya laterz …

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